Have you registered for our Death Cafe?

Join us Saturday October 28th at 1:30pm for the Before I Die Festival’s Death Cafe.
If you are unfamiliar with what a Death Cafe is, then you probably are thinking something morbid! However, a Death Cafe, is a small group of people coming together to discuss various end of life or death related topics. Hosts may not lead, promote, or have an agenda to discuss. The format is truly open, allowing participants to ask questions and have conversations. Ideally it will provide a space that allows people to become more comfortable with discussing death and the realities of that inevitable event. It is merely a discussion group, not a support group and not a counseling forum. It is open to people of all beliefs, backgrounds, and understandings. All thoughts and ideas are welcome. To register click the link! https://beforeidieohio.com/register/